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    Agricultural Farmland Mounting System

    Agricultural Farmland Mounting System

    BROAD farm solar mounting systems allow large and medium size farming equipment working inside. And which can withstand extreme weather such as hail,heavy rain,strong wind etc.
    • item no.:

      BROAD Farm Mount
    • lead time:

      within 2 weeks
    • brand:

    • shipping port:

    • payment:

    • Material:

    • Snow Load:

      Up to 200cm
    • Wind Speed:

      Up to 60m/s
    • Foundation Type:

      concrete/ground screw
    • product details


    BROAD technical team arranges the special design and production according to the specific use of agricultural farmland,in order to provide the optimized solar mounting system tailored to customers’ agricultural plant. The system is widely used for creating a more suitable ecological environment,thus promoting sustainable development of environment and resources.

    PV mounts for agriculture farming


    1. Suitable for large scale farming equipment underneath the BROAD farm solar mounting system.

    2. Premium quality anodized aluminum material structures are strong and light weight to make mounting system safe.

    3. OEM design is acceptable to design a farm solar system as customized requirements.

      Farm mounting structure on ground screw  

    agriculture farming mounting structure


    BROAD Design agriculture farming

      Why to choose BROAD  

    • 10years warranty and more than 25years duration for products. 
    • OEM design for solar mount or customized aluminum extrusion is welcome.
    • Feel free to discuss any query about solar mounting systems


    Q1: How does a solar farm work?

    A1: Solar farms (sometimes known as solar parks or solar fields) are the large-scale application of solar photovoltaic panels to generate green, clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the grid. BROAD farm solar mounting system allows large and medium size farming equipments working in the field. The solar farm mount structure creates an ecological environment.

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    Send A Message Send A Message
    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.
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