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    Industry News


    Industry News

    • Photovoltaic market development trend

      Photovoltaic market development trend 6th, september, 2021 As the epidemic improves in 2021 and the global economy enters the post-epidemic era, photovoltaic power generation, as the "main force" of the green economy recovery, are ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. According to the...

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    • The Belt And Road Photovoltaic energy development

      After continuous technical iteration and large-scale production, the cost of renewable energy has been significantly reduced compared with the previous, which in turn promotes the construction of related projects, forming a virtuous circle.This gives renewable energy an important place in new invest...

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    • Amazing container throughput in Xiamen Port

      According to Xiamen Port Authority, the container throughput data of Xiamen Port from June to August recorded "one million" containers in three consecutive months, respectively 1.060 million containers, 1.073 million containers and 1.044 million containers, setting the best performance since the por...

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    • What is the trend of the photovoltaic?market?

      During the SNEC 2020, the 14th Global Photovoltaic Cutting-edge Technology Conference theme forum was held in The Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai. Solar energy Industry experts at home and abroad have conducted in-depth analyses on the current direction of photovoltaic technology development and the t...

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    • Solar energy and sustainable development in Myanmar

      Myanmar's government in 2018 promulgated the "Myanmar sustainable development plan 2018-2030," the article 5.4.2, clearly lists the priority to the development represented by solar renewable energy targets, and participate in the implementation of government ministries, including Myanmar power with ...

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