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    Kliplok hooks non penetration

    Kliplok hooks non penetration

    A variety of suitable solar mounting systems are provided for different standing seam roof types and all are non-drilling solutions using kliplok fixture to fit with the roof shapes perfectly.Using kliplok hook to protect the metal roof being waterproof all the time without drilling holes on the metal roof sheet.
    • item no.:

      BROAD Kliplok hooks
    • lead time:

      within 2 weeks
    • brand:

    • shipping port:

    • payment:

    • Material:

    • Snow Load:

      Up to 200cm
    • Wind Speed:

      Up to 60m/s
    • Install Site:

      Standing seam roofs
    • product details


    BROAD Kliplok hooks are workable for different kinds of standing seam roofs.Customized design for special roof shapes.Made of top quality aluminum after anodized.New kliplok hooks without rail solution is designed to significantly reduce installation times and cost.The solar panels can be installed on the kliplok directly with clamps.The most advantage of kliplok solution is waterproof with 100% no penetration on the roof.

    metal roof solar mounting systems


          1. Premium quality Aluminum AL6005-T5 material with clear anodized.

          2. 100% water-proof capability to protect the metal roof.

          3. Sturdy and durable once a workable kliplok hook matched with the roofs perfectly.

      Installation steps 

    mounting kit for flat tin roof

      Kliplok Hooks Components  

    solar mounting accessories

      Kliplok hooks Package  

    solar panel mounting rails

      Why to choose BROAD  

    • 10years warranty and more than 25years duration for products. 
    • Welcome to OEM for kliplok hooks for your roof types.
    • Feel free to discuss any query about solar mounting systems.


    Q1 : What material is used for flat roof?

    A1 : Modern flat roofs solar mountings can use Aluminum, SUS304, EPDM synthetic rubber, etc. There are many types of solutions for your roofing project in BROAD. There's always a right one for you.

    Q2 : How solar panels are installed on sheet metal roofs?

    A2 : Firstly, check the sheet metal roof specification. Secondly, lock clamps. Thirdly, install rails. At last, install middle clamps and end clamps.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.
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