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    Single Pile Ground Solar Mounting System

    Single Pile Ground Solar Mounting System

    Piling ground solar mounting structure is the most suitable solution for inclined land like hillside area.
    • item no.:

      BROAD GS2 Mount
    • product orgin:

    • brand:

    • payment:

    • Material:

      Aluminum or Q235B
    • Snow Load:

      Up to 200cm
    • Wind Speed:

      Up to 60m/s
    • Install Site:

      flat or uneven land
    • Foundation Type:

      Piling post
    • product details


    Pile ground mounting structure is completely workable by adjusting the driving depth to meet the angle requirements, so as to be widely used for large scale of solar PV plants on mountains.

    rammed pile vs ground screw


    1. Single pile design reduce half of the ramming time.

    2. Ramming post quick piling method save the construction cost at site.

    3. Most components are pre-assembled in factory, no extra cutting work required in the field.

    4. Solution design case by case, with strong strength calculation capacity.

    Pile mounting structure on flat land

    flat land pile foundation ground mount


    components of ground pv mount

    solar mounting system supplier


    Q1 : What is MMS in solar system?

    A1 : Module mounting structure (MMS) is a structure that withholds the heart of an efficient solar PV power plant i.e. PV modules over its lifetime. It's made of aluminum or carbon steel.

    Q2 : How do you design a solar panel structure?

    A2 : PV mounting structure system shall be designed with specified loading capacity, stiffness, stability and deformation capacity. The design service life of the structure shall not be less than 25 years.

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    Send A Message Send A Message
    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.
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